We are not limited to any specific political race. We get engaged in primaries, runoffs, and/or general elections, and we publish our slate before elections, especially primaries. We do only support Texas candidates. We invite all candidates to fill out a survey with their resumes and subsequently to meet with our group and present their qualifications and demonstrate how they would be supportive of our mandate.


Justice, Supreme Court 2 Steven Kirkland
Justice, Supreme Court 4 R.K. Sandill
Justice, Supreme Court 6 Kathy Cheng
Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals 1 Maria T. Jackson
Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals 7 Ramona Franklin
Civil 113 Rabeea Collier
Civil 189 Scot “dolli” Dollinger
Civil 234 Lauren Reeder
Civil 269 Cory Sepolio
Civil 281 George Arnold
Civil 55 Latosha Lewis Payne
Court of Appeals 14th – Pos 3 Gerald “Jerry”  Zimmerer
Court of Appeals 14th – Pos 8 Margaret “Meg” Poissant
County Civil Court 1 George Barnstone
County Civil Position 2 Jim F. Kovach
County Criminal Position 11 Gus Saper
County Criminal Position 12 Juan J. Aguirre
County Criminal Position 13 Raul Rodriguez
County Criminal Position 15 Tonya Jones
County Criminal Position 2 Harold J. Landreneau
County Criminal Position 5 David M. Fleischer
County Criminal Position 7 Andrew A. Wright
Criminal District 185 Jason Luong
Family Court 246 Angela Graves-Harrington
Family Court 280 Beth Barron
Family Court 309 Kathy Vossler
Family Court 313 Natalia Oakes
Probate Court 2 Jim L. Peacock
Probate Court 4 James Horwitz
County Clerk Diane Trautman
District Clerk Marilyn Burgess
U. S. Representative District 22 (Brazoria) Sri Preston Kulkarni